Johnstone Dental Practice
Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you accept new NHS patients?
YES! All of the dentists in the practice are registering new NHS patients.

What is private dentistry?
Some items of treatment are not available at all under the NHS, for
example tooth whitening and implants. Other times being treated on a
private basis allows your dentist to spend more time on each treatment
and use the best possible materials and equipment.

How can I register with the practice?
To register with the practice you can telephone 01505 321030 and our
staff will be happy to help. We need to take some personal details from
you, so emailing is not really the best option.

How much will my treatment cost?
We always provide patients with a written estimate for treatment at
their check-up appointment and discuss the available options to you in
plain language. You are under no obligation.

Why do you need a deposit sometimes?
To protect the practice from patients failing to attend, particularly new
patients with whom we have no experience, we sometimes take a small
deposit which is fully refundable if no appointments are missed or
cancelled at short notice.

Why do you charge for missing appointments?
When a patient does not attend for their appointment the practice is
losing money. To protect ourselves from this, like all dental practices, we
may charge an appropriate fee for missing or cancelling an appointment
at short notice. Our policy is that we will require the charge to be paid
prior to making another appointment.

What types of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, and most debit and credit cards including American

What can I do about being unhappy with some aspect of your
Firstly, we are sorry you feel we have let you down in some way. We
have a robust complaints procedure. Please click here for our
complaints information page.


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