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What is Clearguide Express?

Clearguide Express is an 'invisible orthodontics' system using a
series of clear aligners. It is an alternative to traditional train track
type braces.

Who can get Clearguide Express?

It is possible to treat simple orthodontic cases with Clearguide
Express such as irregular front teeth due to crowding or spacing.
Your dentist will be able to discuss this with you.

How much does it cost?

Clearguide Express currently costs 900 to have top OR bottom
teeth straightened, and 1600 for both top AND bottom at the same

How do I get it?

First you need to attend for a consultation where we will discuss
your suitability. We have other options to straighten your teeth if
Clearguide Express is not for you.

At the consultation appointment we may:

Take very accurate impressions of your teeth.
Take a bite registration to show your exact biting points.
Take a series of high quality photographs.
Take a special full mouth X-ray known as an OPT.

These items are then sent to the laboratory for evaluation.

In a week or two we will be sent a 3D representation of the likely
results which we can show you on a computer. This will also show us
how many aligners you are likely to require, and how long treatment
is likely to take.

There may be other items required for treatment. These items will be
fully explained to you prior to commencement of treatment, and an
estimate of likely costs given.

On agreeing the treatment plan, Clearguide Express will produce the
first set of positioners.

Each aligner is worn for a minimum of 20 hours per day until it feels
loose, which normally takes 14-21 days.

New patients to Woodside Crescent Dental Practice will be required
to register with us and have a full examination for assessment of
dental fitness, or be referred by their current dentist.

Existing patients may book an appointment for assessment at any

Quotations & treatment plans are valid for 6 months.


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